Flickring Twitters of Instagram Moments

Social media.. boon or bane? It’s hard to say.  At this present moment, it seems that the greater the tools to meet and greet our fellow humanity embraced in our chosen moments, conversely we are losing some of sense of family, community and togetherness.  Maybe it’s always like this with the good and bad of it as humanity goes through and has gone through transitional periods? (This was supposed to be posted yesterday. I won’t name names but someone decided to spend time with someone else instead. Sorry but not sorry.  I’d call time spent with her a bargain, the best I’ve ever had.)

SR Redemption  - Holo Computer Bank

Flickring Twitters of Instagram Moments
by Michael Romani

In our moments of time
We capture what we see
Both the practical and sublime
The pieces are caught quite fragmentary

Magical pieces of glass transform
Instantly relaying bits that do inform
All across the known universe
Quicker than movies, slicker than verse

Instagram moments transforming history
And it has done so mostly quite visually
Looking at what's new from Silicon Valley
Has rewritten our world's code digitally

Not that we have time enough to care
But craft of this design is everywhere
It's up to us to find the best user interface
And then decide what we're willing to embrace

In its use we find the worth of cost
What should be added and what should be tossed
Life has become a showcase of expression
In a too busy world where so little leaves impression

It's all about the building of relationship
Whether it is love, friendship or worship
All of this is a bit lifeless absent amalgamation
That is, except for, the roots of our imagination

(c) February 1, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Teahupo'o -  Wave Selfie




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