Looking Forward With Clarity

Based in part on a 02022020 Sunday sermon.:

Stepping Stones Christian Church

Looking Forward With Clarity
by Michael Romani

If your eye is the light of darkness
Not too speak too much in harshness
But you won't see so much with clarity
That sometimes get the best of you and me

We think and dream on our yearly plan
Trying to do the right things best we can
With a Godly vision we look to the new year
Keeping our focus on getting ourselves in gear

We need to keep ourselves tuned with precision
Keeping ourselves aligned with our true vision
So many things to see coming around the bend
Keeping an eye on seeing what each moment contends

Always keeping our presence of mind totally clear
The rest is a strict matter of knowing we'll persevere
The same is true of spiritual vision and our need to see
It's all a matter of preparing for all eventuality

Protecting our minds, hearts and lives against deception
Sowing the seeds so that we are prepared for our reception
Of all the things good, noble and pure - living so sincere
If we do these right things we have nothing to fear

There are a few things that we might do to see accurately
The Pastor mentions and looks directly at my inner me
Knowing that the first step is to speak to the Holy Spirit
Not just casually but really listen and then truly hear it

Our hearts are often clouded and need to know who we are
Attuned to the Holy Spirit we can track by the North Star
It is in God's truth that we find our best way to live free
Equally yoked in our understanding removed from complacency

Conviction of and in our sin brings us humbly to the cross
Otherwise we live our lives in a missed mark of full cost
It's the listened to words of correction that set us to right
Guided in love not harshness and led to our best light

Though we need help and correction its best give softly
Comfortable gentleness helps to get us forward intently
I ask the Lord to reveal to me the things that I can correct
To ensure that I serve best and love in ways that connect

Listing strengths over weaknesses is how we might know
How skillfully we were created by God and need to grow
Filled with the things we need to do we are filled with grace
Looking at our best and worse, staring God straight in the face

Once these things are looked on it is our duty to live and serve
Taking God's lessons and love to teach as we must and deserve
The worse and best of our lives are to serve as points of grace
Though we struggle with our thorns we must surely embrace

God's grace is sufficient and made perfect in our every weakness
So that God's power may rest in each of us as we speak this
Giving to each other as our duty and submitting to God's will
This is the truth of God known and shown with clarity to reveal

(c) February 3, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Tranquil Harmony




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