In A Relevance of Universal Mind

A rose by any other name is still a rose.  That’s the proposition of Shakespeare, correct?  All the same no matter how inspired or inspiring it is still simply part of the created.  God known by any other name is still God.  Science seems to dedicate itself to proving His truth but refusing to name Him.  It’s an interesting thing…

Inspire Space Park - Awesome Blossom

In A Relevance of Universal Mind
by Michael Romani

In a virtual world
Mind is all that matters
With cybernetic flags unfurled
We run them full until they tatter

Emotional mapping
Flawless in the snapping
Deviants and true hearts
Find their proof that departs

Into a post quantum path
Levels above the new math
All observation changes reality
And nothing done has true neutrality

All matter is nothing but vibration
Until it collides with another's inspiration
Becoming one with the human conscience
In ways that defy the conventions of science

Infinite in our complexity
Mixed in a mesh of synchronicity
Until it meets the observer of everything
Who created it all that from what known as nothing

To present this in the most direct
The simplest explanation is likely correct
The multiverse demands infinite observance
And in this, God has His persistence 

The Eye of God rests in clouded Deep Space
As even the ardent scientists know and embrace
Relishing this created bit of eloquence
Though trying to deny its relevance

God known by any other name
Is still the God of love, whatever shame
Call Him whatever you like as you seek to find
But, in the end, He's still there as the Universal Mind

(c) February 4, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Brodman's Brain - Gray Matter After Dark.





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