Ode to the Bellisserian Family

In the midst of Second Life, there exists the community of Bellisseria .  It is the inspiration and virtual child of one, Patch Linden, and maintained and developed by his “moles”.  Those who live there are a unique bunch of make up a good hearted community mostly dedicated to the wellbeing of all strangers, friends and family.  The challenge given in preparation of stocking a library for this community was to write a series of 10 poems.  This one was requested by my heart’s inspiration.

Bellisseria Citizens Headquaters 2020 II

Ode to the Bellisserian Family
by Michael Romani

It's the selfless acts of love
That burn like a candle in the night
It's these gifts from above
All the little things that set things right

Having a bit of faith in each other
To build a sense of community
Accepting one another as sisters and brothers
We become one as the Bellisserian family

From the mermaids splashing in the bay
To the gentle spirits found along the way
This community has a home for every one
Whose spirit is true and looking in fun

Moonlight finds its path into this town
Teasing a splash of crash on the rocks
Art inside the madness takes us down
Into the hallow as we slide across the walk

Into the side street played with perfect beat
Looking for adventure felt with joy bittersweet
In a world without time but too much to hold
Bits of humor spackled sublime in jokes told

That spill out of someone's mouth to drift
Into the paid forward of someone's soul shift
Formed and held together Patched into being
All of these many dreams lived for the seeing

The Moles play hard deep in the underground
Pet rocks dance as the DJs find their sounds
Ordering untrimmed chaos into layered harmony
Nuanced as vibrations clouded into our cozy

Dreams shared and tossed about as we share
Caught up in a game of homes as we find our lair
That feels like home with all the trappings of heart
I wonder if this was the meaning from the start

(c) February 6, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Bellisiara - SS Galaxy - Queen of the Saigittarian Sea -  Half Remembrance of Your Melody




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