Dark Hearted Contemplation

Gossips can be so harsh in the half truths and complete untruths they attempt to spread and the heartbreak they wish to inflict on those who are innocent in any case.  This is a poem in response to the misdeeds of a handful of such craven people who sought to damage something they cannot, will not and never will…

My Surreal World in Plusia Land -A Negative Face Lies Within

Dark Hearted Contemplation
by Michael Romani

Despite words of dark hearted contemplation
Everyone deserves a chance at redemption
Yet, here I go again as false accusations fly
Feeling lost and alone and wondering why

I walked away from this handful of troubled souls
Realizing these troubles were out of my control
Yet, here again I feel their feeding frenzy
From those who have no true cause for this animosity

It's not enough that they attack me
But they also come to my love with their falsity
I am thankful that she remains believing in me
Yet, remain uncertain as to the why of their dishonesty

It's a hard world filled with cheats and lairs
The jealous and empty the petty despisers
My only wish is to be in peace and left alone
And while no man is an island, this turns my heart to stone

I know that in the end, I am only responsible for me
But, in my code of honor, I must look out for the safety
For those that I love so much more than mere life
And will do what I must to end this uncouth bit of strife

I laid awake all night thinking on their lies
When the truth comes to roost there will be no alibis
Let them squirm under the eyes of every authority
It will serve them right for messing with my integrity

(c) February 10, 2020 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Slow Dancing With My Angel



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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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