Sidewalk Communication

The city is a place of connection in its own way.  Fusions of thought and experiences blend into that special something that helps the creative process.

MadPea  Mad City - It's A Mad World

Sidewalk Communication
by Michael Romani

Hustled and bustled to the point of hassled
The move and boom of ideas we've wrestled
Across the overly busy lights and streets
We meet at the speed of the beat of our feet

As the sights and sounds accumulate
The cacophony begins to integrate
Subject to a million interpretations
We get on with our endless fascinations

Touched souls that find one another
Bumping along like pinballs into each other
Bouncing off graffitied subway walls
Hushed whispers are so seldom recalled

Yet, these speak sometimes louder than words
As life rushes by in its constant of blur
Sometimes the things least noticed speak
Swimming through the intentional deficits that pique

Into overheard bits through open windows
There is a fusion that flows beyond what we know
Moving at the speed of the city's sidewalk conversation
There is the plus of unintended insinuations

Together we find changed hearts given time
In the simple complexity that is often sublime
Those toss away trinkets we seemingly ignore
These often lead to the something better and more

(c) February 12, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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