Place In the Kingdom With You

Based in part on 1 Chron 12:32

House of Prayer - Names of God

Place In the Kingdom With You
by Michael Romani

Sculpting away the outer shell
Until at last we find and reveal
The best that we can truly be
Given way until with His eyes we see

The best of possible outcomes
We stand to serve the Kingdom
Everyone hears words of the wise
Built on the rock we greet each sunrise

Failing too often in what we execute
Sometimes it seems the world prosecutes
The goodness of our best holy plans
Until I am left wondering if I'm the man

Who can be the man who can be better
Chasing vapors in the windblown letters
Of words that we must make come true
Doing less than good in seeing this through

We need to look inside for our inventory
Assessing where we are in God's story
And reduce this to come to what we can do
The sermon heard cannot be more true

I must take the time to learn to truly see
Putting to death things that are not the me
That I need to be to be the man of service
To love God and you as though it's what I deserve

Always keeping my heart to what is true
I look toward our good and from this take my clue
On becoming more like the man I need to be
Anchored by your love even in my stormy sea

In all of this I number my day to gain wisdom
Pushing forward to count for our Father's kingdom
The question that we must most always ask
Is to do what's needed to keep prayer as our task

Silently discipled in my heart of  quiet time and prayer
Keeping away from those things I must beware
Habits formed and then conformed to His Divinity
I will walk and talk with you into our sweet eternity

Understanding the time we live in keeping hand in  hand
With you by my side and in my eyes helping to understand
I thank you for your love and how you help me to grow
The secret of your smile helps me to settle into know

The knowing of all good things  that we must keep and be
God could not have made a better heart to share with me
Than the truth of the love that you have always given
As I walk in your grace and God's grace knowing I'm forgiven

Step by step and page to page we walk the long of life 
And I smile as you talk about how we'll be as man and wife
Maybe it's so hard for me to believe that I have found you
My dream of dreams that God means for us to make true

(c) February 16, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer -Joined Together In His Name






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