Creativity’s Golden Seed

Coming soon to a mind near yours, the golden opportunity of a lifetime to have reasonable comfort while focusing on writing and photography.  More information soon… let the transition begin…

LEA28: Storm Septimus' Country of Mind Untitled- A Writer's Desk

Creativity's Golden Seed
by Michael Romani

The problem in its definition
Is the seeking of the why
Signaled change in new rendition
New goals to set and turned to rectify

First step: looking at what exists
Is there a reason it still persists
All appearances questioned in conception
So many of these are simply deception

What's important must stand out
Closing the deal without any doubt
Moving past our best self delusions
The scaling of the con's sold illusion

Often, the superficial catches the eye
The important question is know the why
There's a lot of bad in the making good
This truth of design is best understood

There is a balance to conformity
Absence of which leads to outright deformity
There in this notion of refined simplicity
Lies the truest crux of the best creativity

Life finds its momentum of gravity
Despite the trolls' worst severity
Five seconds of touch in application
Is the zenith of our final supplication

Main moments caught in their transition
Ease the mind without harsh imposition
Cutting to the chase of what we need
And in this, finding creativity's golden seed

(c) February 24, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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