In Dedication To You

One day I met a really wonderful elf.  As blessings would have it, the person behind that elf was even more wonderfully magical.  Our first conversation started simply.  We discussed the use of wind-lights in SL photography and one thing led to another and a little over 12 hours later, we stopped talking.  At some point, people need to sleep.  Imagine that?  The next day the conversation started again which led to more conversations which led to best kind of magic.  Two months working toward three… I hope she’s never done talking with me, ever.

Home, Sweet, Home - She's Had A Long Day

In Dedication To You
by Michael Romani

Would you weather my storms with me?
Could you accept and love all of me?
These are the questions, I need to know
With so much of life out of my control

You see, I've stared into my fatality
Learned the hardest way of my mortality
Even so, would you walk proudly by my side -
Giving to me your all with nothing to hide?

All of my past, it keeps talking to me
So much pain stains pages of my history
These are the details that stump and bedevil
I need to know that you're on the level

Your heart brings the rest I needed to find
Beguiling me into seeing past the blind
When you hold my hand, I know that I'll be okay
Leaving my broken heart behind this day

With all of my heart you take away my breath
Yours is the soul I want joined to mine at death
There is so much happiness in your sweet eyes
They awaken me softly with each new sunrise

Our acceptance and connection still my fears
I'll keep you safe and warm throughout our years
Walking vulnerable reeling in your inspiration
Each day, I pledge to you in sincere dedication

All of my love and completeness of devotion
These feelings of mine run deeper than any ocean
I smile at how we started with an all night conversation
I want to live our lives always in this loving connection

(c) February 26, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Rest Awhile With me





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