Let Us Begin

So many promises of the 20th century have led to false starts, broken hearts and the horror of confronting the results of our delusions.

Tequila Bae Beach - A Meditation On Sunny Pleasures

Let Us Begin
by Michael Romani

In pursuit of stronger minds
Do we risk leaving souls behind?
It seems the study of eugenics
Suggests we should not manipulate genetics

And when we consider the use of GMO
We see calculated risks can lose the roll
Some say the ends will surely justify
And while I don't mean to wrongly vilify

I find that I seldom truly agree
Not just as a matter of outright divinity
But one of basic and essential biology
That such risk often leads to travesty

The game of mastering the mind
Often seems fickly led by the blind
If you need another reason to be weary
Just think a moment on Timothy Leary

In the cold distance that we travel
As another mind melts and unravels
Expectations are often too demanding
As we grasp at our best understanding

For myself, I choose another road
The one less traveled, or, so I am told
The one of seeking further truth from within
Are ready to take this journey? Let us begin

(c) February 27, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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