Connections Made

In looking out toward what others do and say, sometimes I have moments of introspection.  Lately, this has centered and focused on the connections made between a lady I spend hours talking with and feeling so deep.  Not that past feelings have been shallow.  But, sometimes, things click a notch deeper and it clarifies all that has come before and where life is leading.  It’s interesting that a lot of this is coming up and being thought about by me because of a show she asked me to watch with her.  Seems like God is funny that way, always making little seemingly disconnected things add together into things needed to be seen and known.  And.. this I know:

Bellisieria - Alewife Home -Our Gungfu Is Mighty

Connections Made
by Michael Romani

Alone in my reflection
Seeking true connection
Caught in the circumstance
Of needing true acceptance

I hope to find this in you 
I need to have this from you
Talk to me, I feel this
Opening from our very first kiss

I need to know you
Nothing left to hide from you
Lost up in the easiness
Teared up in beautiful queasiness

The butterflies all flutter
I'm needing no other
Then the girl who wears my ring
For all that you bring

In the song we've sang
You are the yin to my yang
Not just some bit of flirtation
You are my final destination

Looking for reciprocation
Given in blessed anticipation
Let's walk this life together
I can't thing of anything better

Every time you call my name
I know it's true, you feel the same
And I want to spend my life
With you by my side as my wife

(c) February 28, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Bellisieria - Poppinjay - Victorian Home





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