Leaving Yesterdays Behind

What matters profit if it has cost your soul?

Unicorn Horn Harbor  - Storm Tossed Wreck

Leaving Yesterdays Behind
by Michael Doyle

What it is that seems fit
Is often enough a matter 
Devoted entirely to profit
All other arguments shatter

The implication is clear
That neither reason nor morality
Matter so much in the near
Than sheer payment of mutuality

Money speaks louder than the shame
Convincing as it is to nearly all
Nobody is really truly to blame
When a full pocket comes to call

It stops at nothing short of vanity
In a small purchased vindication
Love of money often breeds insanity
Or, at least there is every indication

Everyone wants their place at the table
Of proving up the surface of their quality
And they'll scratch their way there if able
All in the name of feigned notoriety

There are secret gardens we've tended
Between all the mistakes we've made
There are so many fences yet mended
As a pirate hides out in the shade

The impossible is often most inevitable
Despite all the obstacles in the way
Every pirate knows we are the most capable
To do what we must to simply sail away

Cutting quick to the depth of cost
That pries inside the empty of our minds
To pay our plunder we've already lost
And leave our yesterdays behind

(c) March 5, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved






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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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