Souls On the Line

Ever had that moment when you suddenly knew that however scary love is, you had met your forever in the eyes of the one you love?

Lost Unicorn Sanctuary - My North Star

Souls On the Line
by Michael Doyle

My soul is on the line
Wanting to believe you are mine
At times, I'm feeling so broken
Over words carelessly spoken

Wondering if we are just marking time
Or, will we end up being sublime
My heart's on the line
Dreaming you want to always be mine

Each of us wanting badly to trust
Because it is that we know that we must
To take this beyond the feel
And dare together to make it real

Tell me, baby, do you find
That the best of love is blind
Form all these ties that bind
Both of us choosing to be kind

Wanting to be our forever
Soul surreal and quite as clever
I want to learn to love you better
As we live the love of our together

Puzzled at how life unravels
I want to live our life's travels
As our hearts reach out and touch
I only know that I love you so much

So, beautiful inside and out
There not room in my heart for doubt
Thankful in mind for our happiness
I know we both want this to be our bliss

(c)  March 7, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Lost Unicorn Sanctuary -  Kyrosonatine Dragonship




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