Letters In the Window

Typography choices are fascinatingly subtle and yet make all the difference.   I struggle with seeing this as art.  But, indeed it truly is.

Newfields Typography Shoot 03102020

Letters In the Window
by Michael Doyle

Letters blended with sophistication
Dependent on the reader's appreciation
Something completely subtle as we view
Akin to re-creating oxygen anew

Favorited fonts in choice of type
Can seem little more than hype
Primitive yet modern in their style
In a look for ease and maybe a smile

Upended systems crash shaped together
In hopes of finding something better
Signature moments found in the number four
Are found on watch faces and little more

So much is opened up just to be squared
As if a one trick pony fashionably ensnared
Empty canvases flow switched into gear
Often leaving typographers gripped in fear

For changing fonts must tread light
Neither too different or the same but just right
Time it seems has a lent its cultural dimension
As nuanced changes have brought imprecision

Manicules themselves attract the eye
Making the readers pause to wonder why
As a parliament of black letter shows the way
Into the words rapped in a musical day

This is the puzzle of words displayed
As adaptors of geometry are stylized and made
To dial back and then push forward in details
As they design the words of our lives' tales

(c) March 10, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Split Screen Installation - The Words Spelled Out





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