On the Losing Side of History

A piece dedicated to the ending days of Bernie Sanders’ attempt to hold a revolution.  It begs the question, “What if they gave a revolution and nobody came?”.

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On the Losing Side of History
by Michael Doyle

Sanders lumbers on as on the Left but not woke
Never acknowledging his beliefs as proven broke
Pretending the nonsense spoken is practical
Though his beliefs aren't even sound on their theoretical

It's a march of wonderment at masculine toxicity
But in his own mind he wears this as being legendary
It seems that his Leftist base don't want a blender
To mix a cocktail of rights when it comes to gender

As the Left once again divides by class and identity
And may politics forbid we ever speak the truth we see
Bent as his followers are toward gross intolerance
His partial support rings hollow not as brilliance

You see as the socialist emperor's clothing shows
To be threadbare as he tells what little he knows
It seems that for a sporting chance they will not defer
To his appalling lack of anything close to character

This man of voraciously evil and twisted fantasy
Is nothing less that the epitome of tragic toxicity
You know something is wrong when even Ms. Hillary
Talks about one of her own as nothing but baloney

Steeped with an pro-Iranian tatters of sympathy
Champion to an often discredited ideology
Sanders's people are best at factional infighting
Rather than being inspiring let alone enlightening

And so it seems that President Trump's optimism
In any debate with an opponent who does not do criticism
Is one that bears the merits nothing but alienation
And not as a voice that can leader our nation

Still, it's just more of the rubbish and double talk
That most of the Left carry with them as they walk
Disappointed it seems in all those American dreams
While the Democratic Party falls apart at the seams

Even as they stop and take a moment to peek
Down from their ivory towers and even speak
The elite looks down its nose at the people
As clingers to the Constitution, guns and steeple

(c) March 11, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

LEA 25 - The Story - An American Tale





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