Glass Onion Reality

How many layers of conjecture do we need to peel back to find true reality?  Is it even possible for us to comprehend?

Frisland - Peel Farm House

Glass Onion Reality
by Michael Doyle

All things, all times, all places
Bear the burden across all faces
We've pushed to avoid the eventuality
Of what has become of this reality

Despite the urge to preserve
It seems all paths lead to fear
When none of the answers known
Have proven true as shown

Everyone grieves in their own way
Each soul searches to find end of day
As the false world crumbles down
And the survivors pick up victory's crown

A murder of ravens follow like a shadow
Across the pillars of all previously known
It becomes incalculable in transparency
As we face the new world with hesitancy

Yet, it is that we simply must
Take the risks and chance the trust
Believing our own eyes as we look
God shapes His fist and then it is shook

The mind is one of God's dominions 
Peeled back in layers like a glass onion
In our pride, we struggle to be first
Surrounded by water, we are dying of thirst

Sparked up with the currents of life
Our hardest limits being imposed by strife
But, if only, we would live fully in peace
We would live best the path of sweet release

(c) March 15, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Mourningstar - Twist of Strings From the Hand of God





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