Self Rule Rises

Continuing in a series on American history:

Second Life Veterans Tribute 2019 - In Open Declaration

Self Rule Rises
by Michael Doyle

From the High Middle Ages, society had a transformation
As Calvin and Luther led the church's reformation
In a faithful take befitting the Bible's explanation
Making these changes centered on holy justification

The Church and society were subject to fragmentation
As differing mindsets arose as did the power of nations
Henry the Eighth sought a marital dispensation in hand
And in failing to obtain this, founded the Church of England

England that is as to its elements of self rule
Breaking away from the corruption of the old school
Passions raised up against this mass corruption
Other nations followed suit quietly in their disruption

Spain, on the other hand, were out for their treasury
Having little care for the people's long lived misery
All for one mentality ruled each and every colony
All for the sake of the one being the royal family

When England defeated the Spanish Armada fleet
The die was cast and England too its prominent seat
This then set the predominance of England's culture
Though America's other traces would also come to nurture

The Catholic monarchies rested on belief in divine right
Where English constraints demanded the ruler's own light
Shine through and bearing that ruler's own influence
Both of these met in the America's in full confluence

English companies settled in pursuit of private property
But, also, some well established in common law's liberty
Each of these had their own hopes and full aspirations
As these set the foundation for the American nation

Jamestown barely hung on until tobacco became lord king
But what else but vice could city boys be expected to bring
Whereas New England's Puritans had their own holy mission
To build a new Zion with, of course, an unholy crown's permission

Holy and unholy commonwealths rose from the wilderness
All in the hope of restoring the church's holiness
Setting out the lay model of Christianity's charity
Urging the colonists to unite into needed solidarity

These Pilgrims came into exodus to the Promised Land
In variation of their faith as best we can understand
All these ideals formed the zeal for reformation
Which came to gather force across this birthing nation

All of these ideals failed as their original intent
And in so doing, caused the colonies to reinvent
Each becoming dispersing grounds for utopian ideals
Which led to the practical and pragmatism's new zeal

These experiments lead to the ideals of self rule
Englishness adapted to new form from old school
Power lodged in the people over tyrannical crown
While conversely ruling at times from top down

This drive for self rule led to the Glorious Revolution
And this in turn finally led to the American Revolution
Though first the French and Indian War brought taxation
That felt to Americans as a imposed without representation

At last this brought a feeling of colonial determinism
Bringing frustration, hope and a feeling of Americanism
The Great Awakening merged this surge with worship
Evangelically destabilizing but emphasizing God's relationship

At the same time arose the rational Great Enlightenment
And with its skepticism based on reason's own bemusement
Each of these establishing contingencies to tradition
And a willingness to follow reason's interpretation

A series of redoubling acts brought natural resistance
Against the un-represented America's persistence
Continental Congress formed with a new found sensibility
This revolution commenced in England's war on liberty

In April 1775, the fuse of war at last was lit
Concord and Lexington caused America to be well knit
Fearing that we might bleed from every single vein
Seemed to some to lack common sense and in vain

A powerful change came into the minds of men
And from that point forward it would be independence then
The Declaration of Independence harmonized the day
In setting forth the sentiments of the American way

This then has become a document for all in all ages
Putting forth for everyman the wisdom of best sages
Government's sole purpose rests in protecting liberty
Then as they say, the rest is simply American History

The government governs only with the governed's consent
And must be abolished when this consent is not present
This signature pass is our true revolution's right
And is simply a restatement of God's given light

(c) March 23, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Second Life Veterans Tribute 2019 -Remember When These Were Self Evident?




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