Dewey and the Progressive Era

Turning next in American History, we have the Progressive Era with all that it meant for how we do things today and it’s challenges to the Constitution’s meaning to our society.

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Dewey and the Progressive Era
by Michael Doyle

All of the unsettlements led to an age of reform
New power meeting the needs of the day to conform
A single tax that would be based on real property
Was propose by Henry George in Progress and Property

Looking Backward was Bellamy's great contribution
When the Social Gospel's blue print lost its absolution
Farmers were struggling in loss in marketable commodities
Finding in the Populist Party a sort of remedy

William Jennings Bryan spoke their voice and preached
About the needs of the Cowbelt that his message reached
The coinage of silver hoped to help those living on the margins
Seeking to deny a crown of thorns and turning to Christ again

The election of 1986, saw America change from old to new
The rising tide of populism would not yet carry through
A rising middle class progressivism sought to renew
From local to state to Federal in its prevailing view

In the public interest, cities would control utilities
To serve the public through it's municipalities
Disinterested as these were in the turning of a profit
Instead being more intent on conforming standards that fit

City managers were hired over mayors for their expertise
Not elected because politics caused progressive dis-ease
Robert Lafollette would lead in asserting public administration
Popularizing policies based on academic investigation

The Wisconsin Idea became a leading source for reform
For many the ideas of change to which the world would conform
There was no problem that was beyond finding solution
Scientific fact finding and experts would make this contribution

No longer would conversion of souls change society
But society would change souls with forced propriety
John Dewey found the inner man must be completely subdued
In order for society to progress and be renewed

In Dewey's perspective the day of the individual was gone
It was the new age of bureaucratic man to live on and on
"We know better" ethos over the People's democratic ways
Eugenics and social controls would rule the progressive day

Anti-monopolization and combination sought to regulate
The driving forces behind the economic urge to moderate
In all of this arose the questions of our foundation
WAs the Constitution still the basis of our nation?

(c) April 2, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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