Idylls of the Progressive Age

Continuing in this look at American History.

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Idylls of the Progressive Age
by Michael Doyle

Theodore Roosevelt rose to the presidency
Upon the assassination of William McKinley
A cowboy rode into the White House that day
Formidable and enthusiastic in every way

His sharp rise in politics  had an activist view
Bringing back the power of the presidency long overdue
His belief being that Founders could not see
The sweeping changes that came with this new century

Wholly different action was needed and called for
The Stewardship Policy would allow whatever needed and more
When the coalminers threatened to close the mines
As winter was coming he threatened to break the lines

That he would enforce whatever was necessary
However much to the Constitution it was contrary
Seeking the new paths of rapid consolidation
Teddy felt certain he knew best for our nation

The government as senior partner in all business
Reelected in 1904, Roosevelt's consolidations were a business
As he proceeded with regulating through his Acts
To protect the welfare and nature in fact

Establishing land reserves and national forests
The park system brought stewardship to its best
A balance of use with respect to natural beauty
And these lands held with some degree of sanctity

John Muir felt this to be destructive of the nation
Preferring instead that all be held with pure sanctification
Seeing business as predatory and inherited wealth as worse
Roosevelt left office to William Howard Taft as a curse

Starting the Bull Moose Party to unseat his prior choice
Woodrow Wilson would rise to be become the people's voice
Roosevelt split the Republican vote with his insurgency
Ending a long period of Republican dominance in our history

Wilson felt our Constitution to be completely defective
Wishing the presidency was the head of the legislative
Influenced by Darwin, he wanted government by evolution
Thinking natural rights to be a matter of devolution 

Declaring that we were as free as they to unmake government
Systematically holding that the words of Founders were not meant
The election of 1912 was a high time of reform sentiment
Eugene Debs and all the others sought to change our government

An activist, Wilson took the lead in legislation
Raising tariffs and creating the Federal Reserve for our nation
A dazzling array of Progressive pieces of legislation
Triumphally blending trust busting and nationalism

In such a nation of advanced progressivism 
There was a disconcerting rise of hostile racism
He did have a White House dinner with Booker T. Washington
Yet, on the other hand supported segregation

There was also a tendency to disparage the Declaration
As they continued to undermine the Constitution of our nation
This was a bit of a revolution against the pillars of our society
Seen by many, including me, as being an impropriety

(c) April 3, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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