It Came As It Did

First Friday and third day of Na/GloPoWriMo 2020.  Today’s prompt is to create a word bank based on 10 key words and then not necessarily using all but keeping in mind an effort to echo the rhymes for these until they resonate into a poem.  Thinking on this and that we are facing what we’re facing in this pandemic, I have chosen to put this together in memory of this time as it plays out before us.

Cocoon - Wastelands

It Came As It Did
by Michael Doyle

It came as it did though we kept hid as we might
Played out into the bright of the dazzling light
That chose its transparency clear as a memory
Of the dog days of olden plays read in the library

It came with a startle that night cinching the bight
Until the noose took its bite and we gave our fight
You were the elf who danced like a sprite all night
Who knew our time would suddenly become too finite

How then do I tell this story as your quietly pour me
An allegory that I don't understand to the woe of poor me
The isolation spread across this once tight knit nation
The travel ban was mandatory with home our only destination

At first stated as an epidemic then turned to pandemic
Weaponized rumors had it that it might be biochemic
Looking out my window at how it has grown systemic
I suppose its origins are all but tritely academic

What we can know is that whether on purpose or anomaly
Nothing has quite pointed so much to our beloved family
Than the threat of sad regret that has for us all beset
That we would do almost anything to avoid the cold sweat

That rolls down our foreheads like a domino and even so
It's more than a stubbed toe yet we know in our bungalow
That no stubbed toe can prevent us from trying to sew
Masks that might just allow us all to find our tomorrow

Isolated as I am in my cave as you are and yet we save
All the love we gave as we stared out on this rolling wave
You and I will pledge to ourselves to be quietly brave
Promising that if we survive this we might yet behave

Joining together in much needed unity to be one as community
Hoping government or science might find a way to immunity
Someone laughs and sees the bright side at given opportunity
That where we have acted badly and with too much impunity

Perhaps if we took a moment to stop our stare in prayer
That each of us might find our perfected pair so fair
And to hold that love that we might find somewhere
To be beyond any compare but that which we share

Kept together though you are way over in your there
And me I am here in that middle ground of nowhere
No longer interested in hesitation nor the impression
That there would ever be any real sort of question

That come what may, be it depression or simple recession
Love is not a possession nor the outlined impression
But the meaning to everything that really matters
Even as I hold your hand and watch as the world shatters

(c) April 3, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Love You True



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