Dealing With the New Deal

American history continues into the 1930s and the Great Depression.

Light Thoughts 3 - Struggle

Dealing With the New Deal
by Michael Doyle

Had Coolidge been in power for Wall Street's fall
The safe bet is he would have done little or nothing at all
Instead Herbert Hoover shaped government into an active role
As America's economy spiraled down and out of control

One in four found themselves downtrodden and unemployed
Confidence by consumers and investors was utterly destroyed
The Hawley-Smoot Tariff damaged nearly everyone
While the Reconstruction and Finance Company left finance undone

The thought had been that through infrastructure restoration
The cycle would continue until at last feeding the nation
This was seen by the unwashed masses as callous and blind
Until Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected and put this behind

FDR was seen as frail of body and undeveloped as to his mind
This could be seen in his polio and hodge podge policies we find
This cheery sense of Happy Days had again was as if truly blind
A cheerful optimism perhaps didn't wake him to these being behind

Even Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes complimented his temperament
Bold persistent experimentation changed the core of our government
FDR recognized no bounds as to Federal planning and power
Then in the darkest depths of the Depression's hours

Bent on driving money changers from the temple of civilization
FDR's first inaugural set out the best of his rationalization
By which he immediately took executive war powers
Thought yet still at peace to wrest the economy through these hours

Establishing multiple programs in his first 100 days
FDR leaned on his experts in as many different ways
Conflicted, not orderly, he patched together the economy
Then in fireside chats he cozily established his legacy

Many had lost their homes and suffered real reasons for grief
And so.. being a progressive, he created agencies for relief
An alphabet soup creating meaningful employment
Many of these were make work jobs in reliance on the government

The unemployment rate never dipped below 10% in these years
The jobs given may have been well meant to comfort the tears
Of frustration and quite often against the Constitution
Yet, all of this was meant to revive the economy of our nation

The NRA did its very best from its socialist heart
To ensure our nation did not and would not fall apart
Trying to reduce the issues of simplicity
Our government was simply overwhelmed by the complexity

This complete and deep change in top-down economy
Was painted as being a war effort unto victory
The moral equivalent of war did bring its solidarity
But it was unconstitutional and often quite contrary

It was the greatest power grab in all of American history
As such it faced opposition from multiple sides of integrity
FDR set out on a second hundred days of rapid legislation
Creating as his cornerstone, the Social Security Administration

It hadn't meant to be enough to actually live on
But it crossed the redline of government intrusion on
The People and yet FDR won resounding reelection
Facing stiff opposition, he sought the Supreme Court's direction

Until the public saw this as executive overreach quite clearly
A sharp Roosevelt Recession in 1937 hurt the nation dearly
Seeing the cause and effect the People felt the distress
The elections of 1938 halted the New Deal's progress

The New Deal had not restored the feet of our country
Nor had it given robust recovery to our ailing economy
This would not be done by some moral equivalent to war
But when the coming of actual war came knocking on our door

(c) April 6, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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