Turbo Charged

American History continues through the Kennedy presidency.

Barddeco - Sharpened Cross Inside A Void

Turbo Charged
by Michael Doyle

Nixon versus Kennedy; election 1960
Workhorse versus glamor; it hits me
That the sleek athleticism of the New Frontier
Was as distinctive as this election year

The torch had been past to a new generation
Disciplined with a hard peace, holding the past with veneration
Taking it on the chin as an American that fights
For the success of liberty and price of human rights

Calling all Americans to their duty and participation
Not a Keynesian but a Mellonite in policies of taxation
Contrary to the experts, this era would find prosperity
Along with heading toward lunar landing for posterity

Toughly negotiating the 13 day Cuban Missile Crisis
The Soviets backdown on missiles they said didn't exist
Two minutes to a nuclear midnight came to calculation
It had a sobering effect on the USSR and our own nation

Before policy could be set for the world's trouble spots
JFK's thoughts were left unknown and put to a full stop
As Lee Harvey Oswald shot him dead in assassination
Camelot and its glamor died as sadness gripped our nation

With JFK's death, gone was our flair for noble optimism
An optimism given despite ample cause for his criticism
It was an end of an era and death of a good friend
Though he was somewhat unreliable as Civil Rights trend

Martin Luther King, Jr., organized keeping pressure on
Marching against segregation and from that point on
With piety he pursued social change through peaceful resistance
Speaking of Christian and our founding principles with persistence

With all difficulty accepted, this nation would live up to its creed
That all men are created equally, a message we still need
Central in the all encompassing American sense of our affirmation
The very essence of what we mean as our American nation

Despite the stardust stance of decisive American unity
This alone did not solve the issues of intolerant bigotry
Lyndon Baines Johnson succeeded Kennedy on his assassination
A man of great paradox who would come to lead our nation

(c) April 9, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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