The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon

American history continues:

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The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon
by Michael Doyle

Richard Nixon was a non-charming and awkward leader
But then again to the astute among history readers
His reappraisal warrants much for our consideration
Hard born and raised, his life drove his ambition

A Navy man who became a determined hardball anti-communist
He was Ike's right hand man as his Vice President
In 1968, rising from his ashes, he sought an honorable peace
Drawing down forces, his Vietnamization drove our release

Henry Kissinger secretly negotiated the Paris Peace Accords
He and Le Duc Tho won the Nobel Peace Prize for the record
Capitalizing on the growing Soviet-Sino rift, Nixon made history
Proving himself quite masterful at the art of diplomacy

Cold Warrior Nixon opened China to détente 
And then again with Russia as easy as we might want
He and Kissinger practiced the Realpolitik of realism
As the Nixon Doctrine held our interests with optimism

Shifting back and forth from left to right politics domestically
He faced down inflation and OPEC's embargo less masterfully
It festered stagflation and yet he handily won reelection
His dirty tricks and Watergate swung his victory another direction

This and worse pointed towards accusations of abuse of power
This including taping of conversations for endless hours
On August 9,1974, President Nixon tendered his resignation
He did so for the focused good of his beloved nation

His were the mangled ways of an imperial presidency
One that had gone beyond the Constitution for expediency
With the ascent of the modest Gerald Ford to this office
The country gained an optimistic Ford not a Lincoln on purpose

Acutely aware that his rise to office needed affirmation
He graciously spoke of his need for prayerful confirmation
Still in retribution, Congress allowed South Vietnam to fall
While in Cambodia, Pol Pot lined millions up against the wall

Peanut farmer Jimmy Carter took presidential office in 1976
Hoping that simplicity and humility might provide needed fix
Making job one, energy policy as his foremost priority
Donning a swear and blaming American malaise brought his history

Surging inflation and unemployment were at an all time high
Coupled with Iran, gave Carter just enough time to say goodbye
Between hostages and gaffes, he had lost his credibility
His policies of accommodation showed clear his place in history

As he stood by and allowed the Russians to enter Afghanistan
Blunders like these made necessary the transformative man...

(c) April 10, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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