Silence Is Our Reply

What was once thought the end is but the beginning and all the words make no difference when silence is our final reply.

Visual Jazz  - Eye of the Storm

Silence Is our Reply
by Michael Doyle

In the black and white of integration
There is a bit of awkward insinuation
That at time cheapens us all
As we float in the free fall

Of unnecessary anger
That brings us the danger
It send us endlessly running
Certain the Devil is outgunning

The better angel, we wish to be
The bitter angel, we dread to see
Dying as we stumble
Ever downward as we crumble

Collapsing the one sided reality
For all of its malleability
A force of one in the name of chi
Filled with fickle energy

When at once we see with emphasis
That once needed has become our nemesis
With a look, she strikes us down
Stealing from us our victor's crown

Torrid towers castle in a rain storm
Torn nobility from the bosom of the new norm
We fall backward into our forced death
Calculated in the outcome of our very last breath

Everything living must come to die
You turn me to stone in your reply
The left and right of our hemispheres
Walk us in traces past our fears

Self and yet non-self of it all
We are released as we recall
For the good or for the ill
We think thoughts as we feel

All for that very reason
Unified at last with our passing season
All of the ghosts in this museum 
Wonder if we truly seem them

This is not the end
This is how it begins
Standing unafraid
As our plans fail as we've made

Falling forward
And ever toward
The whirlpool inside God's eye
Silence is our last reply

(c) April 13, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Duran Duran — Eye-Shaped Cinema - Eye On You





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