On Found Light

Reviewing my camera chops in real brought me to write this.

Anduril - Through The Camera's Eye

On Found Light
by Michael Doyle

It's not so much the light
But where you're in it
To get this just right
You have know where to bend it

The shadow can kill your shot
Whatever the ambient light
Let this never be forgot
It's about catching that sight

Sometimes it's the delicate feeling
That captures the view
The view that is soul revealing
It's about the adjustments you'll do

To make the best exposure last
It's best to remember the contrast
You can bring back details from the shadow
But the over exposed, you'll never know

The higher the ISO, the more detail
Your stops from darkness will deliberately reveal
The lower the ISO, you'll tackle the bright
To reduce your camera's sensitivity to light

Too high an ISO makes images grainy
Filled with noise that is unneeded maybe
Manipulating this sort of light sensitivity
Opens up a wide range of photo creativity

Front light can cause and image to be flat
Back light can enhance mystery in fact
Hatchet light can be tough to see
And the chin music of below light can be quite eerie

Light from above is great for interrogation
Use all of these shapes of light in integration
Yet, the softness of Rembrandt lighting subtly 
Gives the shadowed depth of richness like harmony

Ambient light is infinite in it simplicity
That can create images of amazing complexity
Light against light is a matter of interplay
It helps you tell the full story of your day

Brushing light across the canvass of your day
Captures the moments for what you want to say
The best shots, however, are in even light
As the day transcends into the softness of night

(c) April 16, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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