Owed To A Non-Living Killer

An attempt at both blank verse which I never quite understand and a virus that apparently isn’t going away so it might be wise to understand, right?

Mathematical Art, Escher's Relativity & Seifert Surface - Negative Curvature

Owed To A Non-Living Killer
by Michael Doyle

A world cast into lockdown
Optimism turns into frown
Coronavirus Disease 2019
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
Coronavirus Two
What does it really mean?
What sense do we make of this?
Me and you

I've never felt more dumb
Attacks the lungs through mutation
Emerging in December to our frustration
A fisherman market in Wuhan
It's difficult to understand
This is not genetically a flu
Our immune systems cannot easily subdue

This is not even truly a living thing
Despite the woe these particles bring
There is no DNA
Only Messenger RNA
Like a parasite it comes to steal
Its needed growth from living cells

Spiked crowns of insertion
Strike and attack in the infection
Morphogenesis is the method
That creates this madness

Yet, simple soap and water
Breaks down the viral structure
Disrupting the receptors into rupture
So too does hand sanitizer disrupt
Alcohol destabilizes and interrupts
This killer from causing the immune system's distress
And the issue that we must first address

What's needed is a RNA vaccine
Blocking the viral function
Or perhaps plasma filled with antibodies
To take on our viral enemies
It all comes down to inhibition
As treatment's grand ambition
Disrupting protease reproduction
Is the medicine needed for introduction
To the coronavirus family
With it's long history
Dating to the 1960s
SARS and MERS impact more slowly
Not near as effectively

I only hope that we find the right path
Before my life is taken by its deadly math

(c) April 17, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Pozciti Polska - Novel Coonavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic




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