The Colors of Intensity

Self isolation is proving interesting.  Continuing in thoughts on photography and the capture of light in general….

Brown County State Park Fall Colors 10202019

The Colors of Intensity
by Michael Doyle

From the blues of a snowy day
To the reds of sunsets along the way
Subject to light, try as we might
Differs all days and nights

Our minds self correct toward white
Most of the ways we filter light
Yet be it the gray blue of ice
Refracted rays find ways to suffice

Redness can imply danger
Dramatically driven by the stranger
The light spectrum enhances vision
As each warmth and coolness lends precision

With the flick of a button's interpretation
Of light as seen and then in our imagination
The White Balance let's the photographer decide
Which mood gives the best feeling and most pride

Each situation has it's own calling
Depending on how the light is falling
Warmth and coolness bring their meaning
In all the varieties of their being

In this world's immensity
There is an expressive latitude
In the heighten bits of intensity
Each to be chosen with specificity

Softer light brings its saturation
Contrary to the harsh light of our imagination
Always aware of our natural limitations
This brings more smiles than lamentations

(c) April 18, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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