Gifts From the Heart

Day 20 of Na/GloPoWriMo, 2020!  2/3rds of the way through this year’s event.  The optional prompt is to “write a poem about a handmade or homemade gift that you have received“.

Driftwood Presents - Kingdom hearts -Ancient Wounds of A Darkened Heart

Gifts From the Heart
by Michael Doyle

Since divorce split up my family
My ex has not allowed the girls to gift me
And yet, there it is always somehow
The bits of something even now

From heart felt arms around hugs
To hunts for elusive lady bugs
Always there is a card or gift
Despite the overwhelming rift

The best gifts of all come from the heart
I've taught them this since from start
And a gift is just a wish for happiness
So they know the best gifts are a hug and kiss

One of the best gifts I've ever gotten
Were friendship bracelets not to be forgotten
Made and kept hidden while at their school
Doing unto others like that great golden rule

It was this moment on Father's Day
And compellingly telling me in their own way
That each of them knew I am their dad and friend
They smilingly reminded me toward that end

Every things that I ever needed to hear
Dispelling my angst and my unspoken fears
Giving me a seamless smile from ear to ear
Offering to me their trust instead of tears

My oldest one is her father's daughter
Mindfully aware of the love of her father
On visitation, she sweetly holds my hand
And that's all I need to understand

That the greatest gift is their presence
Making my days complete with their essence
My youngest, she wants to take on the world
And I don't mind as long as she's curled

Up by my side as we watch a show
The greatest gift is to watch them grow
Basking in the every moments of their smiles
When they tell the world they love me all the while

No matter the moments of someone's division
We treat these knowing we've made our decision
That like three musketeers we are inseparable
No matter the cruelty of which some are capable

(c) April 20, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Driftwood Presents - Kingdom hearts





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