Manuscripts Don’t Burn

Day 22 of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2020!  The optional prompt being to use an idiomatic phrase from another language or popular in another country as a starting point.

LEA25:  The Labyrinth Experience - Hidden Fear Rules the World

Manuscripts Don't Burn
by Michael Doyle

Years ago when I was younger
Words ate at me with my own hunger
Certain that I had something to say
If only I might find the right way

For most of my younger days it felt right
Certain as I was to play at it light
Putting the words in the pocket of a song
Feeling the beat to where each might belong

Sometimes I would write stories too
Often meant to provide a sense of view
Learning that some felt some thought was not allowed
I wondered what it might be to be too proud

Living in a county where to tell a tale
Might end you up dead or land you in jail
Ideas belong in thought's marketplace
Freedom of press and all, I did embrace

Oh now, there's a precocious sentiment
That satire could be dangerous to government
Or even if it was just a bit stronger
Who'd have thought these notions held longer

That a person might not feel as they do
And if they did they shouldn't put out their view
How odd it was I thought as I held a new edition
That fear of rulers could enforce oral tradition

Committing their concepts to their memory
Leaving nothing written down as their legacy
I could just feel the frustration of tears
And even more now as my memory goes with my years

(c) April 22, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Fear, She's the Mother of Violence -  Darkside





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