Stay On the Path

Due to time constraints and a day much better spent with my two princesses, I will be going off prompt from Day 25 of Na/GloPoWriMo gazillion requirements for a form of poetry that I would never want to write in the first place.  It’s probably the first time I’ve determined to go off prompt in the several years that I’ve been doing this DayNa/GloPoWriMo.  I read the requirements for today moments ago and just can’t even begin to imagine agreeing that the chaos desired in the optional prompt even qualifies as poetry in my estimate.  More like whimsical prose.  Best instead to recall today’s adventure.

Mounds State Park IN 04222020

Stay On the Path
by Michael Doyle

Stay on the path, she implores
As her daddy photographs and explores
She has been taught to follow rules
Locked up within the walls of schools

Spring has begun to flutter awake
Warmer days have breaths to take
The green of valleys and its flowers
Brings much joy to the well spent hours

Budding little green gems soak up rays
Until the protective canopy grows with the days
While the days slowly wake the forest floor
And the animals begin to be hard to ignore

Yet, who would ignore these citizens anyway
For the old and newborn mark our every day
All the more radiantly brighter
The loads we carry are somehow made lighter

Stay on the path, she implores
As her daddy photographs and explores
She worries for the harm that might fall
If her poppa does not somehow recall

All the living creatures on the ground
There hard to see and scurrying around
Until her father shows her the deer
She had not noticed that were really quite near

He explains that every day is Earth Day
For who have come and before passed this way
The seasons always find a way to come and go
Though this world is yet new to her, she must know

That life is about plotting out the clearing
Shaping the memories that will become endearing
With all the lessons given in understated value
For each and every day brings life anew

(c) April 25, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Mounds State Park IN 04222020





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