A Life In Size

The saga of Dracula continues:

Storybrooke -If I Could build You Castles

A Life In Size
by Michael Doyle

In the dark castle hangs her face
A painting of the sunlight he once embraced
Hidden within were passages of a maze
Guarded from the sun that continues to blaze

In his quest to find safety where there is none
All the hidden secrets that come undone
He finds where all the languages taste the same
The infernal hunger is to blame

Faith is touching but will not save
Reads the cryptic writings in the cave
A loveless marriage keeps roof overhead
For some to whom love and belief are dead

The gift of blood becomes gift of sight
It's all the same to creatures of the night
To see how these work, things are broken
The imperfect devil speaks in words unspoken

Death comes as a shock to mortality
Those who live as they won't meet fatality
The monsters inside take away everything
That hope and belief attempt to bring

The vampire professes to all he meets
That we are after all what we eat
Seeking the one thing that he'll never know
The warmth and sight of the sun's glow

Artists and poets have sung of her
Hanging in the sky, elusive for those calling Lucifer
Who takes on himself darkness forsaking light
All for the sake of immortality's sight

An ending is actually has its hidden blessing
The kind of a thing that won't leave you guessing
Death provides life's fit for all its size
Though this truth is best seen through immortal eyes

When evil at last is seen as the good
Perhaps it becomes time to be best understood
That despite the horrid pain or however gory
There comes a time to end even the best story

(c) April 26, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Fantasy Faire - Cassiopeia -Facing the Hands of Time





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