A Star Wars Lesson In Liberty

May 4th has become, for some, a day of tribute to Star Wars as “May the 4th Be With You” day.   When the day passed recently, it gave me some cause to think about how we around the planet so willing and willfully surrendered at least for a time our civil liberties in the cause of health security.

Star  Wars:  The Untold Story -  Coordinates Taken

A Star Wars Lesson In Liberty
by Michael Doyle

Good versus evil plays on the silver screen
This then is what Star Wars really means
In a time as old or older than Father Time
The movie's shallowness is yet sublime

There in the treasured original trilogy 
Was a story laid bare with moral ambiguity
There is a stark truth in black and white
Why not reveal the truth in plain sight

Democracy becomes as it is a useful tool
In turning Anakin into Vader, reel to spool
Persuaded that Jedi good is bad in quest for power
Darkness creeps in to steal the Empire's hour

In a strained quest for a manipulated need for security
The Republic loses it soul and all of it's liberty
In this we watch a people enchained and overturned
In the oldest lesson man continues never to learn

(c) May 8, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Star  Wars:  The Untold Story -  This Isn't Oz.....





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