Consent of the Governed

Continuing in a series of poems about the establishment of our republican form of government and life under the rule of law as set out in our constitution:

Learning Virtuale -My America Might Be Ragged, But, She's Still Standing

Consent of the Governed
by Michael Doyle

The standards are set by the Declaration of Independence
In all of its truths and its just transcendence
That a just government depends on the People's consent
And the People's rights are unalienably permanent

Both of these can be held in a state of tension
This is why these so urgently require our attention
Slavery for example was just such a deep subject
In which we found and find these to be rather abject

Publius pointed out the historical sense of our lesson
That there is nothing new and even less to guessing
That self-government can indeed work for the People
Gathered together under the dome of freedom's steeple

Past vacillation of the extremes of democracy
Kept so many imprisoned between tyranny and anarchy
In re-examining the classics, we begin to discern
That the order of society depends on what we learn

This is the thing about learning from the past
It must be decided what will work and will last
Things that we need to know and their just improvement
Are what must be added to the science of government

Such things as do make up man's finest hour
Are the distribution of the balance of power
The checks and balances of patent ambition 
And representation with it's own inhibitions

Another component which is almost legendary
Is the necessity of an independent judiciary
All of these are improvements on the old
A bit of the best on which we must be told

To be the powerful and needed political means
By which a republican government of human beings
Is best kept despite all of our human imperfection
Avoiding all the deficiencies of our detection

This then is what it means to be republican
In turn, this is what it means to be American
Unchecked power is an invitation to defeat
The very means by which we lose our seat

There at the table of freedom and liberty
Under the rule of law this must always be
Kept in the ways of legislative representation
And an executive also voted in for our nation

(c) May 9, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Sacred Ground - Memorial Day - American Woman





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