Happy Mother’s Day, Too

My ex-wife could never gracefully receive a present.  Not just from me but from our daughters, they tell me.  Still, despite all, there is one gift I would yet give her on this day particularly after the reminders received over this weekend of how wonderful our little girls have been so far and are turning out to be even more so.  That is my gratitude for her part in this and my forgiveness for the past wrongs done.  There is not a moment in talking to the beautiful, kind hearted little ladies that are my daughters, that I don’t see their grace under fire and the beauty that they bring to this world of ours.

Lights & Sirens - Mother & Child

Happy Mother's Day, Too
by Michael Doyle

It's a sweet sort of fascination
The girls and I in our conversation
While on a road trip across the state
After getting bumped off the inter-state

Slowing down on a long country road
Telling our tales that need to be told
It's easy to listen and easier still to see
The best parts of their loving company

So often mirroring the good, bad and ugly
Of the things they reveal about their family
It's said apples don't fall far from the tree
And from what I've seen, I hardily agree

Sure each of us needs God's grace and forgiveness
But I'd never choose other than to live this
Looking into their eyes, I feel God's nearness
While the road goes on forever, it brings me bliss

Tomorrow comes with a wake up bringing Mother's Day
I think on that as I watch the them sing and play
It's hard to forgive someone who has done me so much wrong
But that's nearly forgotten as I hear their song

Quietly thinking on how their mother keeps it together
While a pandemic is going on that may not get better
Thinking of how the girls are vibrantly happy and whole
To that extent, I am grateful for their mother's soul

After a day's drive and a couple short hikes
On the way back, I am think on the things that they like
As they kid and joke around, even laughing at some of mine
I find some grace from their mother in how they still shine

The youngest is in the back asking for the radio
So that we can listen and sing along as we go
Back on the highway, we are returned again
It's easy to marvel at them as my daughters and friends

With a click of a button in search of stations
We're heading back homeward to our destinations
When suddenly Christmas songs begin to joyfully play
The youngest jokes about how we make history every day

This Mother's Day eve has been among the best
As we burst out laughing, I realized we are blessed
At least part of that is to their mother her own due
And so today, I wish her a happy Mother's Day, too!
    ...and I forgive her for the damage she's done

(c) May 10, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Tyraina - A Mother Gives Comfort In the Storm



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