A Godly Mother

Based in part on 2 Timothy 1:1-7 and, of course, thoughts on Mother’s Day:

Home, Sweet, Home - Thankful For the Gift of This New Day

A Godly Mother
by Michael Doyle

Without any sense of shy timidity
God speaks through Second Timothy
That which we'd do well to recognize
Every mother is precious in God's eyes

Through discipline she shows her power
As we are reminded of her love in this hour
The best mother may be imperfect but is godly
Keeping His word in study for her family

In these words she finds guiding instruction
Keeping her righteous path from destruction
In her conduct, faith and in her conversation
She trusts in God for her needs without hesitation

Keeping her joy and faith strong in resiliency
She is focused on the things in her dependency
Not on the things of man or those of fashion
But on doing well and serving in her compassion

Generous always toward all the world's others
Centered on encouragement for sisters and brothers
Carrying herself always to build up everyone
No one wants to be torn down and made undone

Generosity is a key to having God's good quality
Caring always for our companions in our humanity
It's the standard of good in giving and to receive
Only the devil would say otherwise to deceive

But the godly Mother lives her life in obedience
It is profitable for her family to depend on Providence
Consequences belong to God to be left in His hands
Freedom from worry is given to those who understand

Forgiving provides the path away from stress and tension
Keeping focused on peace and love is the best intention
Even where conflict between others is inevitable
We can all have greater peace through forgiving as we are capable

A godly mother finding herself pushing past the resistance
Keeping at the needed things and loving things with persistence
Doing the needed doing until all the doing gets done
Is the path that God chooses to show us through His Son

Following in the footsteps of Christ, she serves her family
Never quitting and giving up are some of ways of godly quality
In an outpouring of herself and ourselves focused outward
Moving always in relationship forward and being kindly toward

All her family and others striving for order and organization
A matter of scheduling and harmony lived through coordination
What we teach our children is much of how they will live life
Be it peace with others in good habits or filled with strife

In a world filled with too much darkness and discouragement
The greatest gift a mother can give is that of encouragement
Love should always be given without any sense of condition
Though encouraged to be the best one can with right intention

All that truly matters is that those around us do their best
But the live and encouragement should be given without rest
This then is perhaps God's greatest and lasting needed test
If godly mother wants those around her to feel truly blessed

(c) May 11, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The Falls Park, Pendleton, IN 05072020







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