Guarding Against Faction

Today’s poem about American history speaks on some basic principles as set out in largely in Federalist Paper Number 10 in which we choose to become a republic and not a democracy to protection of nation from the encroachment of faction and the tyranny of the majority:

Elvion - As The Eagle Flies II

Guarding Against Faction
by Michael Doyle

The 10th Federalist Paper drew on concern
From an ancient lesson we had to learn
That in worrying about falling into tyranny
Is to worry about the majority as much as minority

An elective despotism is as much a faction
And will never lead to our republic's satisfaction
A faction unites adversely against community
And against the rights and interests of society

A part of a particular kind seeking to deprive
The very rights on which our society survives
The right to outvote can through its utility
Effectively eliminate our country's capacity

One way of stopping this is to remove liberty
But like removing air from fire, it's no mystery
That doing this would lead to an unjust result
Adding to the injury a cutting sort of insult

The latent causes of faction are the nature of man
Sown as it is in our makeup, it shows up where it can
There is no other path that can counter direct
But to control the outcome and its effect

Direct democracy has been tried and always lost
Always its outcome has come at the greatest cost
Instead it's argued that at republic is needed
The advice given was then duly adhered to and heeded

A government led by the scheme of representation
Is the settling of differences that formed our nation
A small number of citizens elected by the enfranchised rest
Is the answer that survived our contest

Those duly elected have then the primary role
By which our society keeps its political control
The differences set out within our Constitution
Becomes the rule of law and by our institutions

A chosen medium of persons of wisdom
Guide our nation into what it will become
Love of justice, patriotism and of country
Are believed less likely to sacrifice liberty

And less likely to seek advantage that is temporary
Protective against those things harmful of our country
Representatives of the people will adhere to the good
And are convened for that purpose as it is understood

(c) May 12, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Wyoming - Perched Bald Eagle





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