Dancing Cheek To Cheek

Thinking on the Prohibition, flappers, gangsters and murder as she wrote…

Catch Twenty Two -Suzy and Bond Owners Dancing

Dancing Cheek To Cheek
by Michael Doyle

Dancing cheek to cozy cheek
Might bring us to ruin
Libertine as it is
It might lead to our undoing

The habits of coming home
Casually in first light of morning
Left many a soul feeling alone
And seeing it as first warning

She called him, "Daddy"
Though that might be pointed sadly
It was a partnership in crime
That felt perfectly sublime

Rolling him for his roll
It's hard to say who was in control
Volatile in its escalation
Breath gasping in its inhalation

Beginning began with death
And raced on without a breath
Times like these can only be real
Fiction would not so deceptively reveal

Darkness called to be richly explained
Somewhere for most it becomes implored
To safely understand this messy mess
That even the bravest fear to confess

(c) May 18, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

1920s Chicago - Father Antonio Garza Gives a Sermon To the Walls





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