Specter of A Well Aimed Gun

Between the chase scenes, I believe science fiction grapples on some of humanity’s biggest questions.  Do you?

Star  Wars:  The Untold Story -  Fly By Zoned

Specter of A Well Aimed Gun
by Michael Doyle

Specters of a gun take aim
Innocent of the perceptions slain
Fooled by the ways things are seen
Though its all a bit more than a dream

Deductive in its influence and analysis
Shaken down beyond paralysis
As true as its deceptive philosophy
Science fiction has borne a world from analogy

So many of our scientific inventions
Are science fiction translated into convention
And the subtle operations of thought
Are as startling as the essentials sought

Let us grapple with the greatest of questions
Daring to do so without hesitation
Science fiction often becomes science fact
As it interplays together to become more exact

It's there in all of the fantasy scenes
That we reach out for beyond electric dreams
We find our glasses raised by their inception
As we together lift the veils off our deceptions

(c) May 19, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Star  Wars:  The Untold Story -   The Journey Begins





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