Dragged Into the Streets

Thinking a lot on education and civilization and why and how there seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to how each is allegedly to work out.    Fairly serious stuff and yet how can a person not find it a bit humorous at little civility there really is to this thing we call civilization?

Memories From Underground - Alone In the Night

Dragged Into the Streets
by Michael Doyle

'I'd rather be taught by monkeys", he said
Catching another of a series of raps on his head
At times, it felt just a bit reverent
To be called out as just a bit different

Tutored on the backside toward civility
The goodness of God taught to best ability
He supposed he might be a bit unteachable
Or, at least there's some doubt he's capable

Running away from problems we've not sought
Might be desirable but is not what we ought
Sitting as miserable as the darkness set in
In a flag of convenience for which there is no pretend

Drinking like a fish in a bowl of gin
It's hard to avoid the feeling of sinking again
Into the pit of solemnly received bad advice
While mentally setting sail for something nice

This is it, the trappings of our civilization
Which thus far amount to cruelty and alienation
Is it really any wonder so many choose to drink
It's at least more convenient than taking time to think

Setting out on a new life without much luck
Wishes upon wishes as a deal is quietly struck
Finding interest in things for which there is none
Is the basic workings of a day fairly well done

In the days of then as in the days of now
We mere mortals manage to get through somehow
Chasing the curious up that ancient tree
The sun catches us feeling happy and lazy

Life is a lot more different than we thought
Turning in puzzles we never wanted or sought
If only we had the moral courage to go wrong
I wince as you tell me you don't belong

(c) May 20, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Amrum - Alone Again Naturally




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