In A Place of Longing

Based in part on Augustine’s Enchiridion:

A Cross to Bear Into the Twilight

In A Place of Longing
by Michael Doyle

I suppose there's no sense in prolonging
Stating that the gist of life is belonging
The rumor has it that its in what we love
And if our eyes are transfixed on the above

Shaping our lives around our truest desire
In this we find the things that spark our fire
This matters most in determining how we live
And how we learn to love and in this to forgive

As we first are the forgiven by our Father
And as any of us parents do for our son or daughter
So much of what surrounds us hopes for a mood
A subtle intervention that quietly intrudes

The ad men in Madison know this setting illusion
Meant to evoke in us the grandest confusion
Bringing badness into meaning in double vision
Creating false longing that truth would see with derision

It's there in the subconscious only a bit deeper
In a place in our souls in which the climb is steeper
Christ promises the best of life given abundantly
While the lesser things call to us selfishly

Our longings call out unstructured and dangling
Calling in an immediacy of wants soul entangling
We tell ourselves that we don't lack the dedication
It's just that we really crave a permanent vacation

Such a desire - not so bad - pulls toward the self
Putting God's word, dusty as it is, on a shelf
Fighting as it is against knowing God more deeply
We lose our way in our battle for our integrity

I suppose I run on in my rut of propelled verbosity
Though I want deeper relationships of generosity 
Weary and heavy, I find myself needing to rest
Hoping in my prayer to somehow pass this test

My precious Lord tells me his yoke is light
At times, I am certain that I am blind in sight
Stumbling too often while I seek to do the right
But suffering with my fumbles taken in slight

Human desires it seems are also God's desires 
Calling to us to light our vanity's bonfires
When truly listening I find the merest Christianity
Might just lead me further into awe of His Divinity

I feel His will when I find my earthly pleasure
Is but a weak echo of Heaven's greater treasure
But remain ever thankful for His gift of you
And am reminded of my gratitude in all you do

All of this given is to sense my satisfaction
None of this is meant to be my distraction
But tools to teach me of joy and fulfillment
Knowing as I do that all is truly Heaven sent

Yet, I know as I enjoy this show in my earthly days
That I am best led when lived in God's good ways
This living body of mine is too often that of death
When I forget that God gives me my every breath

Storm chased in selfish focus on things of self
I reach for that dusty Bible from it's old shelf
Oft bittersweet in tasting and knowing God is good
Laughing at myself least I never be fully understood

Taken it all with a grain of salt in my attitude
Living each moment with a heart filled with gratitude
God's promises are chewed slowly in mindful reflection
It is there that I begin to find my truest connection

I suppose there's no sense in prolonging
Stating that the gist of life is in belonging
What defines us as good is what we love
A righteous man sets his heart on God above

(c) May 21, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - My Perfect Wave Embodied In Her Soul




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