On the Gains of Godly Meditation

Based in part on Psalm 19:14:

Serene Heart Community - Seeking Forgiveness

On the Gains of Godly Meditation
by Michael Doyle

The Bible isn't just words but application
We must understand before proper supplication
Thinking and asking in prayer and open heart
Listening to God, hopeful for His wisdom to impart

Like a lamp unto our feet, we learn to learn
And from this learning, we are still and discern
Adhering to the Commandments, we become wise
Keeping our promises rather than be caught up in lies

Meditating on God's principles as we live
Taking it all in that He offers and freely gives
From the moment we are saved, we have direction
And at times needed, we will feel His correction

Listen for His words in every circumstance
Hearing His direction over our every happenstance
Shutting out everything else directly and fully out
Letting there be no distractions without any doubt

We must listen seeking only to fully understand
All of the truths and insights of His commands
God will always bring His truth and insight
Teaching us the way of life to be lived right

Meditating on the Word to our best capacity
Is the very most important of all our activity
This is our place of humbling clarity
It must be approached with somber sincerity

God's Word calms us by witness of the spirit
Given to us with His assurances, if we'll hear it
His is the path of faithful love in His sovereignty
He enlightens us with peace through His divinity

Inadequate in ourselves, God gives strength and energy
His riches are provided in the glory lived as His legacy
In our meditation, we openly expose all of our sin
Until we receive forgiveness and know purity again

Toward God, we grow in knowing and in our love
As our lifelong reminders bring us closer to Heaven above
In strengthened faith, we experience His power and authority
As we leave our pride behind to walk in our humility

This knowledge of the fullness of his presence
Comes to us as blessings that feel like presents
Each teaching us to know life with its sweet joy
Every man, woman, girl and boy

(c) May 26, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Serene Heart Community - Sacred Together




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