On Robot Autonomy

It’s mind boggling really how science fiction has become so much our reality.

Steam: The Hunt XIV and Exposition - Robot Man Guards the Entrance

On Robot Autonomy
by Michael Doyle

Stepping from science fiction into reality
We find the arrival of robotic autonomy
Though the worm hole we do yet go
With a faint echo of an unknown hello

All along a dream in our human history
We have dreamed of robots as an eventuality
Now we have the Rover up exploring Mars
As here on Earth, we transition to driverless cars

Pushing beyond our very human capacity
We find robots collaboratively adding to capability
Each of these a moment and movement in imagination
That increases our ability in actuation

Mastering the steps of industrial manipulation
Tasks are completed in perfected sensation
Driving on by its own sense of estimation
Navigating  toward our best and better destination

Robots clean our spaces and our living rooms
Adding to our ease and not into our doom
Sensors and actuators create useful movement
Each of these bringing humanity's further improvement

Into the danger these go for the sake of humanity
Seeking to help us rise despite our carnal vanity
Robotics as a theme was first coined in 1941
I wonder what Asimov would make of what we've done

The Three Laws of Robotics were set out
Not injuring humans and obeying us beyond doubt
Except where injury to other humans is involved
I have to wonder where protecting itself will be evolved

(c) May 28, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Burnfest At Night - I, Robot




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