A Child of Interesting Conversation

It’s hard for some to listen to a child, dream his or her dreams.  I’m not certain of why.  Maybe because for so many, life in the end can be a be let down?  Not sure and even less certain that I truly want to know the why of it.  But, I do know that my God and my love have moments of wanting a childlike quality in devotion and imagination.  I think that’s kind of awesome.

Mystical Dreams - Fairy Garden Conversation

A Child of Interesting Conversation
by Michael Doyle

A child of interesting conversation
Is a joy to some toward destination
While others worry they have too much to say
To me, it's a matter of company along the way

A heart that remains open to hope
No matter how tangled at end of rope
And still the sun will yet arise
Clutching to our bosom, the sacredness before our eyes

Every moment a poem waiting to write
Every wrong a hope of making it right
Every vision a gift given to sight
Every ray a pleasant gift of warm delight

Each moment a treasure nonetheless
Remembering each step taken as honored guest
As walked on this earth with reverence
A whispered prayer given in sacred presence

Cherished as gifts should always be
Until the last days of time endlessly
Each circumstance given as proof of devotion
An imaginary grace caressed in emotion

She speaks of things so delicately
In words offered quite eloquently
She speaks her drops of new creation
As if she knows the secrets of imagination

(c) May 31, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Conversation In Sepia




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