Knowing Who We Are

Based  in part on Pentecostal Sunday and Ephesians 10:

Home, Sweet, Home - Thankful For the Gift of This New Day

Knowing Who We Are
by Michael Doyle

For we are the handiwork of God for His good
Created in His image, let this be understood
With all thanks to God we live in full gratitude
Keeping fixed in our time with rightful attitude

Through the blood of Jesus we have our salvation
As has been duly set forth in humble explanation
All of our sins have been subjected to repudiation
Of His holy doing we are in Christ's salvation

In this state of grace, we have more than victory
Having conquered our nature and now in His legacy
We but to live with the sanctity of His Holy power
Our potential is limitless in this sacred hour

What then is our purpose that we live to fulfill
Not according to us, but our best in His Will
By these three truths as best we do understand
We are His servants and at His good command

To our best, the old is supplanted by God's new creation
To do what is needed to be done in all its implications
We are to become the masterpiece that God intends
Dedicating our lives to these humblest of ends

Human in the shape of God we have become 2.0
Enough as we are in doing our part even if not a hero
We are charged only to live up to the best of our best
In the new hope that we are as we live up to our test

In all of this, each of us is part of God's good plan
Allow me to emphasize this means every woman and man
The promise contained in this held in its immensity
Is the fashioning of each of us in all of that full intensity

Charged with these duties, we must take responsibility
In every way to the very best of our true capacity
It is a full time service that we have yet before us to come
All in God's name and to the benefit of His Holy Kingdom

Wherever we are let it be said of us that we have done good
That like Jesus, our imitation will illustrate so its understood
That each of us are born to be a servant of the Holy Light
Each of us a candle of hope in this darkness of surrounding night

(c) May 31, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

God's House Of Prayer - Sharpened By the Word





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