The Journey Back

Things of memory have the worth of time revealed in the quiet moments of our hearts.

Wild Moon - The Full Moon Rising Has Nothing On This Beauty

The Journey Back
by Michael Doyle

Somewhere in a cup of coffee
Is the reflection that is memory
Somehow a photograph starts to show
All of the little things a heart should know

Crushed into her role of humility
She tries to prove her utility
As some sort of half measure
Of the all of her to truly treasure

Cruelty says, only kin is kin
These words eat under her skin
She needs to find her worth within
Then, maybe then, love wont be just pretend

True love once given is never forgot
Although there are times when you ought
A mind made up ever so very firmly
Is never so strong as a heart given warmly

Disappointments along life's troubled way
Offer up the graveyards of lost yesterdays
Hope and idleness dance in their illusion
That to particularly practical folks only seems confusion

Truer words were never so openly spoken
Than the wishing it so of a heart once broken
The best use one has in another is the truth
All of the truth and none of the lies of our youth

Children are not burdens but living dreams
With their fanciful hopes and fantastic schemes
Every day should be lived as if to remind
That some things of childhood should never be left behind

(c) June 2, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Elephants by Cica Ghost - The Elepant and Eyed




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