21st Century Goings On

Dedicated to George Floyd and all victims of brutality in hope that we may yet find our way to a more just and less cruel world shared in our walk of humanity.  Marvin Gaye would probably be rolling over in his grave in the scorching war of Antifa and other radicals going on when we should be embraced in our common bonds over an unjustified homicide that has happened.

We need to find better answers, not more loss and death and hurt that painfully leaves its scars on the streets and souls of America. (Yes it does sound a bit better with my guitar in the background.. but this is what I have to share, I hope it will be forgiven.)

The Titans Revisited

21 Century Goings On
by Michael Doyle 

Brother, brother, brother
You say you're tired of dying
Mother, mother, mother
I hear you sadly sighing
Grown so weary from despair
Certain that the world is uncaring

Father, father, father
Dr. King was certainly right
When he said we'd get no farther
If we never see the light
Rioting is not a good answer
Lawlessness eats away like cancer

You see, only love can conquer hate
I swear that it's not too late
Together we can find a better way
To bring more love to our day
We need to rid the world of its brutality
Talk to me in terms of our humanity

Tell me now, what's going on
Do you think this is really being strong
For God's sake, what's going on
Put down your rage and brick
We both know it won't do the trick
Let's walk together in the light
Together we can make things just and right

Brother, brother, brother
We all know hate is wrong
Locking arm in arm with each other
It's only just that we all belong
And you know have to find our way
To find some understanding here today

Burning down the streets of our city
Only brings to us all more brutality
Come on and talk your truth to me
Tell me you can see our shared humanity
Please dear God tell me what's going on
We got to be strong, tell me now...

                      …What's going on?

(c) June 3, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

LEA19 - OutRage  - Perpetual Spin




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