The Good of the Middle

Complex isn’t it?  Good in the bad; bad in the good.  And we swear our allegiance to one or the other while seemingly never getting it completely right.

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The Good of the Middle
by Michael Doyle

Is man good
Or, is man bad
All I know
Is that most days
I walk somewhere in the middle

I try to do good
Sometimes, I do evil
There's a long way to go
Before I am who I wanted to be
It's been this way since I was little

With a change in perspective
Taken in the collective
Man may be born good
And yet become evil
As time twists priority

With that perspective
Some say humanity's collective
Might be born to be bad
And yet some become good
With a breath of morality

Before we know it
The candle is burned
With or without our lessons learned
Slipped into the grave
One size fits all it seems

(c) June 5, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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