Slow Like A Mule

Blues and fusion offers it’s own kick of long solos filled with hot licks.  But in all of this, there is that groove and it punches slow like a mule.  No one threw those punches better than Betty Davis.

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Slow Like A Mule
by Michael Doyle

A raven watches from atop a tree
The funk queen's rediscovered mystery
Critics speak in hushed tomes of reverence
As they expound on her vivid difference

She was born deep into the fear
Long before the enigma would disappear
Slapping it down into matched spaces
As every note found its right place

Though her music was inclusive
Her choice became to become reclusive
Disenchanted with the glaring starlight
Her heart kept raw on those steamy nights

Long legged boogie walked up the road
Offering more than her legends told
Neither presenting as polished or genteel
Her gift was found in keeping it real

Showing the full truth of self liberation
Her soul sacrifice was its own celebration
A loose goose bent on getting it on
She's gonna do it until her mojo is gone

Life lived heavier than deep
Her whiskey courage just wouldn't keep
Sirens ring out with the falling light
Betty Davis reigned as queen of the night

(c) June 14, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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