All Life Is Sacred

Perhaps  I repeat myself in saying that elevating one skin tone or sex over another is as wrong as having the first offense kept in place.  Love and respect for each other is what is needed.  All lives are sacred.

Museum of Tournament  -All Points Being Equal

All Life Matters
by Michael Doyle

Outside my window, the city will burn
Is anyone asking what our children will learn
As in the name of love they see destruction
In an appalling lack of positive construction

Replacing one over the other is not the good
Nor that path of betterment ever understood
Tearing down the starry bits of firmament 
Only put Lucifer in Hell where he'll stay permanent

Dr. King said and I do truly adhere and believe
That only love not hate and only the will not to deceive
Will ever be the path that wins over the ways of hate
It's a lesson worth learning before it becomes too late

All life is sacred and all life matters
To say that only Black Lives Matter
Is as vicious as things that I have fought
It is not the better way that I have sought

I do not ever mean to hurt or to offend
But however outrageous I will not pretend
And take part in something of a bad decision
Though meaning the aggrieved any derision

Injustice toward any is injustice toward us all
Let's engrave that on the storied wall
But never elevating one skin tone over another
Each of us should strive for equality of sister and brother

But no one should be ill afforded the deference
To say that they do not understand the reverence
That God created all to be equal before Him
And past wrongs are not made better replacing us for them

All life is sacred and all life truly matters
I will not bend knee to Only Black Lives Matter
Though I will always fight against the wrong
And for a society of inclusion where we all belong

A well disguised fascism is fascism nonetheless 
I will always fight for the creed that I confess
Before the Father, we all equal as before the law
Let us emblazon that thought on society's wall

(c) June 16, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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