To Escape the Warren

More or less dedicated to A Watership Down:

Dysphoria -  Giant Rabbit

To Escape the Warren
by Michael Doyle

In the beginning
Rabbit gained his tricks
There on the path of winning
Played out like a guitarist's licks

Each to have their meaning
Captive to the nightmares of human beings
There was something coming hard
As the gambler played his last card

There are just too many rules
Subjects of things not taught in schools
The fear felt was borne on blood
That would replace the fill of mud

The danger was felt like a wire
Burning hot like a raging fire
Brothers must leave and in haste
As there wasn't a moment to waste

These are the ways of fear
Questioning what it takes to preserve
While so few have the ears
Or even the willingness to hear

Fleeing into the corner of the woods
Doing their best to gain a life of good
One by one gathered into their own safety net
Without a moment to neglect

But the head never allows the freedom
Needed to think and change the kingdom
But change then is what is needed
So the story tellers have readily pleaded

Do we then dare to cross the road
Or, live in our caged existence as we're told
Despite the storms that just might come
It is best to live our lives in freedom

(c) June 22, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Freedom Exhibition - Reflections House - Compared to Waldo




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